Vietnam multiple entry visa is a visa that allows its holders to enter and leave Vietnam several times during your visa validity. It is also called “re-entry Vietnam visa”. This kind of Vietnamese visa is very convenient for those who want to have several visits in Vietnam during a certain period of time. 

Vietnam entry requirements

 How to Get a Multiple Entry Visa for Vietnam?At the moment, travelers may have up to 2 ways to get a Vietnam tourist/business multiple entry visa, namely: 
+ Get Vietnam embassy visa; + Get visa on arrival. 
 Normally, the process to get a visa at Vietnam embassy covers: 
 + Preparation of documents for visa application, including: completed application form, original passport, photo(s), (and sponsor letter of a Vietnam-based company for a business visa application) + Travel to the office of Vietnam embassy/consulate to submit the application and pay the visa fees, or send all the documents and visa fee to address of the Vietnam embassy/consulate by post. 
+ Get the visa and original passport in person at Vietnam embassy/consulate or get it sent back by post. 
If you are planning a trip to Vietnam anytime soon, you should know that you have the option of applying for a Vietnam e-Visa using an online service, like the one that  offers. This is a convenient way of getting a travel permission to enter to the Vietnamese border, and applying for this permission is one of the easiest things you will ever do. The good thing about this e-Visa is that you are not required to take a trip to the Vietnamese embassy in your country; it takes very little time, and the cost is not as high as you may expect. Before reading the requirements needed and also how much this e-Visa costs, you need to check if you have to apply for thisVietnam e visa cost first. 
It will depend on the type of visa. On  you can have an e-Visa on arrival or a Vietnam e-Visa, and each of them has a different cost. In case you decide to apply for a VOA, this document is totally free, but you’ll have to pay for Vietnam visa Du Lich Viet service. Remember that you can also have it on your own, but it can be a tricky process and also take longer than usual if you do it all by yourself. 
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